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29th May 20
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Curriculum Overview


At Saint Mary's we teach a creative curriculum where each class teacher uses the interests of their pupils to set the topic of learning. This topic of learning over arches across many subjects where possible links can be made. Each class has their curriculum map on their class page for the school year.

Our curriculum topics meet the skills and progression of the National Curriculum 2014. This can be found using this link:



Curriculum Maps


Below are the curriculum  maps for each class. These give an overiew of the areas they will cover throughout the year. They are also on their class pages. 

Flamingos : Adobe Acrobat file (78.9k)
Rhinos |
Rhinos : Adobe Acrobat file (159.5k)
Sloths |
Sloths : Adobe Acrobat file (225k)
Hedgehogs : Adobe Acrobat file (263.2k)
Eagles  : Adobe Acrobat file (74.3k)
Lobsters : Adobe Acrobat file (130.1k)
Dolphins : Adobe Acrobat file (121.5k)
Chameleons : Adobe Acrobat file (501.7k)



At Saint Mary's we encourage reading as much as possible. We use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme for home readers in Key Stage 1 and in Key Stage 2 children are usually allowed a free choice book as a home reader.

Guided Reading sessions take place daily in every class. We use Project X books to support this.

We are also involved in the Lancashire 'We are Reading' programme. This is a programme to encourasge reading for pleasure with our children. We have a number of initiatives in school such as book recommendations, birthday books, STAR reading sessions (Sit Together And Read) and DEAR sessions (Drop Everything And Read).



At Saint Mary's we teach Letters and Sounds to support our learning of phonics. Phonics is the preferred way of teaching children to read and spell from the government. Phonics is taught daily across Key Stage 1. In Year 1 the children will all sit a phonics screening test- this is made up of real and nonesense words. Children will be well prepared for this test. If a child does not meet the standard of the test they repeat it in Year 2.

In Year 2 many of our children are taught from the No Nonsense Spelling scheme. This incorporates the phonics they've learnt along side grammar and spelling patterns.

If a child still requires phonics in Key Stage 2 we use a Lancashire programme called Bounce Back Phonics to support this.

Online Safety  : Adobe Acrobat file (371.3k)

Here is an overview of what each child will cover in each class regarding online safety: 

British Values  : Adobe Acrobat file (66.9k)

Please see the attached document for how Saint Mary's teaches British Values throughout our school curriculum.