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6th December 19
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Mr Crompton, Mrs Pinder & Mrs Taylor-Dearden

'Intellegence is the ability to adapt to change'
 (Steven Hawking)

General Information


Children will get Maths or English homework every week. This will be sent home on a Wednesday and must be brought back on the following Monday. Children will also bring their spellings home to learn on a weekly basis. As we aim to prepare children for their secondary education, we insist homework is always brought to school on time and presented neatly. If children are unable to do work at home then they may attend homework club.


A spelling test takes place every Friday. New spellings will then be sent home that day for the children to learn. Children will also create sentences using words from their spelling list.


Full PE kit should be in every day. PE day is Thursday.



Here's what we will be covering in the forthcoming term!



Religious Education

In Religious Education, we will be exploring the importance and roles of Religious within the Church and their Vocations and Religious life.

Our CARTIAS THEME: LOVE within our local Catholic Community


As part of our English unit, we will be studying the novel 'Alice: Through the Looking-glass'. This Victorian Novel, written by C.S Lewis, is a classic tale of a young girl's imagination transforming into reality.  



Our Mathematics unit will consist of various areas of Mathematical Understanding and Reasoning. The main focus of which will be Place Value, the four functions (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division) and general arithmetic. This will be accompanied by work on fractions and shape.



In Science will be learning about Living things and their habitats. This will be focused on Animals and classification.

Design Technology & Art

DT & Art will be led by Mrs Taylor. This unit will foucs on Textiles in the style of William Morris and will link directly to their study on Victorians.


In these lessons we will be looking at music through the years, comparing popular trends and explore how music has shaped the world around us. This will focus on the change from classic victorian music to the current day.

Physical Education

This half term we will be learning how to spike, bump and set the ball in volleyball to create an efffective sequence of play. In addition, children will begin to understand the importnace of physical activity and the impact of regulalry programmed activity on the body.   


In this area, your child will be learning what it means to be safe online

Crompton's Dates for your Diary



Dates to be added

Attached above are the topics that our Chameleons will be covering this school year.

Thank you,

Mr Crompton